Using Business Databases in Your Marketing

There are a number of ways to utillize a business database in your marketing campaign.  The greatest thing about aquiring a business database is that all of the footwork to find your target audience has been done for you.  In addition, if you use our business database, you are getting the information for an incredible price.  Other comprable databases sell for upwards of $500 – 1,000 or more.  Ours is a terrific bargain, and is a very complete database, with over 20 million companies included.
One of my favorite marketing campaigns is direct mail marketing.  Our business database is perfectly suited to this.  You can simply search for companies that fit your demographic, export the information and upload it to your favorite direct mail provider.
Direct mail marketing provides some great advantages to other forms of marketing.  Think about telemarketing.  It is great, and can be incredibly effective (you can also run a telemarketing campaign using our database), but it is intrusive.  Direct calling on people oftentimes presents your product or service in a poor light.
Now direct mail, on the other hand, is not nearly as intrusive or poorly reflective.  This is especially true if you use a professional marketing firm to design, create and send your direct mail marketing materials.  If you are concentrating on business to business marketing, I believe that direct mail, if done properly, can create the buzz and bring in the leads to be a truly effective marketing campaign.
Check back in, we will be looking at how to set up your campaigns, firms to work with, and other ideas for marketing using a business database in the near future.

Advertising – Direct Mail

Advertising – direct mail is an excellent means of advertising, especially when you have a large business database to work from.  The barrier of entry for advertising with direct mail is not high, and you can run pretty much any advertising campaign you can think of with direct mail.
The following are some advertising – direct mail tips, quick pointers, advice and food for thought that can really help your advertising with direct mail campaign achieve better results.
Advertising – Direct Mail Top Ten Tips
Offer something for free, using the word “free”.  Seems simple, but say you want to offer your service or product at 50% off, or half price.  A better, more effective way to make that offer is a “buy one get one free” offer.  Using the latter language will typically improve your response rate by almost 50%!
Offer something new, or announce something.  When advertising with direct mail, you need to grab peoples attention quickly.  Using the words “new” or “announcing” in the headline or first line of your copy will improve your results.
Make your offer for a “limited time only”.  This will push the call to action, as your offer is not going to be around forever.  People don’t like to feel like they are going to miss out on something, this phrase is one that plays on human emotions and will improve your direct mail advertising campaign.
Offer a guarantee.  People love guarantees, it makes them more comfortable, and lends credibility to your product or service.  When advertising with direct mail, the only thing people have to judge you or your company on is what they have in their hand.  If you are offering a guarantee, you will have earned a level of trust without even talking with your potential clients.
If possible, try to hand address your mailers.  If this is not possible, address labels are the next best thing.  This lends a personal feel to the mail, and will also get your piece of mail opened more often.
Use the words “no obligation”.  People do not like to feel obligated, and if they are told up front that there is no obligation, the chances they will act on your call to action will improve.
If possible, use a physical stamp for your mailings.  Again, this will make your advertising material appear more personal on a subconscious level.
Use colored envelopes, big envelopes or boxes.  Anything to help your direct mail advertising stand out will benefit your campaign.
Include something with your mailer.  Anything that will cause your end user to be curious about the contents of your envelope.  A low cost example is a simple nut from a hardware store.  A good example using this idea is to send out your direct mailers with the headline “Are You Nuts?” and include a nut with each one.
Finally, back to basics, make sure each of your direct mail advertising pieces includes an offer, a guarantee and a call to action.  In addition, add a “P.S.” section, where you reiterate one of your points.  Also, keep in mind that the most read parts of your mailer will be the headline, then the first sentence, then the P.S.  Make sure these areas are spot on!
That’s it for our advertising – direct mail edition of quick tips and tactics.  Check back in for more!